The new bible for training family and hunting dogs

How to train a Dog? Read these books with step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Dog training DVDs

Looking for a Hunting Dog training manual? A picture is worth a thousand words. These DVDs are the "Bibles" for Hunting dog enthusiasts.  We have six best selling Hunting Dogs Training Videos in our store.

This DVD/Book combo is extremely usefull for people hunting with dogs. First watch the Dog Traning  DVD and take the book into the training field with you.

Downloadable PDF

Get the best dog training advice with our ebook on Hunting Dog training in a downloadable format for your PC, iPhone or iPad.

Dog Training VHS

Want to train old-school?  Except for "Water Dog", we have all our famous Retriever Training Videos on VHS.  Get the best dog training advice here!

Feel the excitement of duck hunting from the comfort of your living room with this game for PC.

Ultimate Duck Hunting Wii Game is a shooting game where you experience the thrill of duck hunting without getting your boots wet!


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